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Senaste varorna i butiken

Vendor: Flip & Tumble
Type: Bag
Price: 135.00

A ball that unfolds into a bag. The bag is made of ripstop nylon with a felt patch that keeps the bag on your shoulder. It carries up to 15.8 kilos (35 lbs). It's a great and good looking replacement for disposable plastic bags. Design: Flip & Tumble

Material: ripstop nylon with a felt patch

Care: Machine wash cold and hang dry.

Size (height x width x depth): 30 cm (12 inches) 36 cm (14 inches) 13 cm (5 inches)

"Flip & Tumble is all about making quality products that won’t end up in the landfill. We realize that all products consume material and we consider it a responsibility to make the most out of whatever materials we’re using. For us that means that a product should definitely work well, but it should also do more. It should be beautiful and bring joy through its use. Our products are made ethically in China."(Flip & Tumble)

Vendor: Vaxbo Lin
Type: Textiles
Price: 240.00

To stand on after your shower. Wipe the wet floor and hang to dry for the next time. Linen is eminently appropriate in such a product due to its high absorbency and quick drying rate. The mat is a cross between a scouring rag, a bath-mat and a floor towel.

Design: Ingela Berntsson for Växbo Lin. 

Size: 50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.5 inches).

Material:  100% linen. Eco-labeled natural product, made in Sweden.

Care: Wash in 60° together with the whites or boil it in a pot on the cooker. Do not tumble dry!

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