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this weekend we have extra long opening hours

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


The fire is lit, the flowers smell wonderful and manos is stocked up with beautiful gifts and looking forward to this weekends Christmas market here at Överjärva Gård. The shop is open Thursday-Friday as usual and on Saturday-Sunday (5-6th December) we have extra long opening hours, from 10-4 pm.


December 5th 2008

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


manos is all set for this weekends Christmas market at Överjärva Gård. Extra long opening hours – Saturday and Sunday 6-7th December 10-4 pm. There are so many beautiful gifts – look hereherehere and here!


Nicole did a very festive and lovely window display, the charming flower arrangements are by Batoul at flowersflow and the new sign is so great.


I’ve added some more gold star pebbles to the shop as well as some of the rosehip treasures above that Nicole did the other day.

See you at the Christmas market, have a good weekend!