August 12th 2009

Dream no 47.

The Dreams are now available in manos webshop. Thank you all for cheering us along and giving us feedback. We want even more – this is a progress report – only a step on the way. We already know some things that we want to take further and we hope to take on board all the feedback we get from showing our work half way through the project.

The Cake is sold!

You will notice that not all the items are decorated – at least not so that you would notice. We are curious to see what you will think of this. We are vizualising the dreams together – some have clear faces and even stories built up when they come apart (or together) others are Zen-like, calming to go with the faces and the stories – or to be just on their own. Some items we have already placed together and the rest we leave up to you to mix and match. They like each other and we hope you will like them.

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