For the past week I’ve been inspired by the latest issue of (swedish fashion magazine) Bon. It’s a lot of content and so far I’ve enjoyed the article about Yohji Yamamoto and find his views on design, creativity and imperfection liberating. I indulge in the quotes by other interviewed commenting on for instance the fashion shop scene at the time with lots of small independent boutiques buying fashion for arts sake. “Hanging in the shops they enhanced their whole stock and merchandice as being one-of-a-kind unique pieces” (Gene Pressman of Barneys NY). It’s how I feel about some of the things I sell here at manos, they’re not necessarily easy or fast to sell, but they bring so much soul, avantgarde or feeling to the space and the other items I sell.

The rest of the magazine also inspire with some fantastic photography by for instance Boe Marion. And the fashion of course, I love the feather cape by Thom Browne and the structured dress by AF Vandevorst. And now I have the whole article about Loewe to dive in to, mmm.

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