March 7th 2008


The private view on Wednesday evening was better than I could have hoped – lots of happy people and they seemed to have planned to spread out their attendance over the evening so that it was a steady flow from start to end. Amazing! I had such a lovely time and thank you thank you for coming and bringing beautiful flowers and gifts!


This seemed like sign – my grape vine decided to come back to life just the in time for the opening :) I hope I’ll get some pictures from my in promptu mingel photographer as the one picture I managed to take all night was of the nibbles (top picture)… Now, I’m mighty proud of them but I think it’d be nice to show you some pictures of manos with people!! In the meantime, here’s a bunch of glimpses from manos first open day. From now on it’s open Thursday to Saturday 11-3 pm.


Yesterday had a kind of magical feel to it. In the afternoon I sat in the spring sun on the bench, leaning my back against the greenhouse and felt like I have the best workspace in the whole world! Come sit with me!


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