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April 27th 2009

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Yellow, bigger here.

Circus Violet is rolling in to manos by the end of this week. I invited Camillaand Elisabet to pattern old china for the re-use exhibition that opens at manos on Saturday (private view Friday 3-6 pm – welcome!). They’ve made a whole circus! I don’t know if it is because it’s May 1st on Friday and parade time but now I see them in my mind parading up Överjärva Gårdsväg and in through the door at manos with drums and fanfares and the china dancing around them. Can you see it too?!

Photography: Elisabeth Dunker.

April 26th 2008

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009



It’s been a really lovely last few days and I’m pleasantly tired now but hanging in there as they’re showing “Lost in Translation” on TV.

Camilla and I had planned to put the exhibition together on Wednesday and just have small alterations to do on Thursday. So on Wednesday at 10 am the sun-curtain-repair-guys call me and say they’re coming over in 30 minutes to fix the sun curtains. It’ll take two days they say and there went our plan ;) I’d been waiting to get the curtains repaired since December so we just had to share the green house and make the best of it. They finished the repair just after the private view and now I have great curtains and a great exhibition going at manos!

I know you’ve been waiting for information about where to buy our pieces without flying over to manos, and let me tell you – so have I! There’s been some hick-ups with manos web, but I think I’ve found a temporary solution now and an online shop will be up during the coming week. I’ll keep you posted.

April 23rd 2008

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Välkomna på vernissage på manos torsdag 24 april kl 16-19. Vi bjuder på vin och choklad! Hitta hit.


April 15th 2008

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Camilla and I have decided on chocolate and red wine (or perhaps rosé?) for next weeks private view and so I’ve been trying out alternatives from Chokladfabriken. Camilla is coming up for the PV and there will be chocolates so if you would like an invite to the private view, send me an email at and it shall be organized. I know some of you are eager to know where our collaborative pieces will be sold and it’ll be in manos webshop, my aim is to have it up and running a week after the opening of the show. We’ll keep you updated – promise!