Tadá, here’s the result!

October 12th, 2012

Today has been a shop-day (as opposed to a workshop-day or a little-of-both-day). I’ve been dusting and wiping and hoovering and re-displaying. Tadá, here’s the result!

I’ve blended in the range of Edition Paumes that arrived yesterday – Copenhagen Apartments, Paris Creative Couples and Kawaii Stores Stockholm to mention just a few and all lovely of course.

Now I wish you all a happy, relaxed weekend! Ciao, Karin

I love having locally produced things

October 10th, 2012

Leonard and I pass this statue on our way to kindergarten and someone was kind enough to dress it up in leg warmers. It’s getting chilly now and the time of leg warmers and gloves is here.

The other day I picked up candles that I’ve ordered from Stockholms Ljusstöperi, which is just a few blocks from manos. I love having locally produced things to sell in the shop! Stockholms Ljusstöperi is a wonderful candle maker “factory” and café in one. The candles are hand made by Mimmi and her assistant. I now have their candles in the shop – 23, 30 or 40 cm long.

magazines for sale

October 5th, 2012

Mm, swedish apples are the best. Here enjoyed with crunchy muesli and kefir and a whole bunch of new magazines. Some of which are now for sale in the shop: 3191Q, Uppercase, Selvedge, Avril yarn books, “The Suitcase Series Vol 1: Camilla Engman”. Displayed in this fantastic display cabinet, made by Ned Hagoski.

I’ve really missed it

October 2nd, 2012

I thought I wouldn’t pop in here anymore, but I’ve really missed it…so here I am again.

In the latest issue of swedish Elle Decoration, the Mekong hanger that we sell here at manos is featured. It’s a wonderful and useful piece of furniture – clothes hanger and ladder in one. Design by Tb&Aykay.

There is one place left on the ceramic workshop in October and two places on the November one!

UrbnCal 2012 release

October 10th, 2011

Välkommen på release för UrbnCal 2012, väggkalendern från Jollygoodfellow som nu är inne på sitt tredje år och sin tredje stad – Helsingfors! Esa och Lisa Tanttu, duon bakom Jollygoodfellow, har de senaste tre åren cyklat runt Stockholm, Köpenhamn och nu Helsingfors för att dokumentera städernas dörrportar. Dessa fotografier har de sedan använt i UrbnCal – en bild för varje dag, i väggkalendern ett litet utsnitt och hela bilden publiceras dagligen på UrbnCal.com.

På torsdag 13 oktober premiärvisas årets kalender på manos! Välkommen på finsk lakrits, äppelmust och vin, nu på torsdag kl 17-20.

Daniel Reynolds ceramics

October 9th, 2011

We’re so happy to exhibit Daniel Reynolds ceramics at manos from September 29th until October 22nd. I got to know Daniel when I lived in London and had my workshop in the same charming victorian yard as him. Originally trained as a furniture designer, Daniel now makes gorgeous cast porcelain containers in the shape of cabbages, fennel, jelly moulds…
See more photos from the exhibition here.

Little Martha

July 21st, 2011

We’ve just unpacked a delivery from Växbo Lin, it is such a treat every time. Their beautiful products have such a special feel to them.

And I am in love with yet another towel of theirs… It’s named “Lilla Märta” (little Martha) and it is a small sized towel, exquisitely made of course and soft to the touch. I like the detail of the hanger which is integrated with the lines that make up the towels pattern, just beautiful!

rea på barnkläder och keramik!

June 14th, 2011

nuno & dodo hälsar på i butiken med sina reakläder. Dessutom är det rea på keramik i utgående storlekar och 2:a-sortering. Till och med den 2 juli.

what dumplings should taste like

June 4th, 2011

Lisa Vilhelmson came by with a re-fill of her beautiful towel collection. She helped out with the June window display that can be admired here and here.

Lunch was dumplings from Beijing8 that just opened around the corner. What a treat! It was delivered beautifully and tasted fantastic – now I know what dumplings should taste like. Don’t miss this place if you’re in Stockholm!

a feeling

June 1st, 2011

The gallery page is updated with images that I think gives a feeling of early summer…

manos will be closed tomorrow, Thursday June 2nd as it is a holiday here in Sweden.