August 8th 2009


It’s been a sweltering week in manos’ greenhouse, but the workshop keeps nice and cool. The shop re-opened on Thursday and I had a few stray visitors that even managed some shopping in the heat.

The “progress report show” of mine and Camilla’s collaborative work is up and basking in the sun. People who have come to see it laugh and that makes us happy.

It’s good to get some feedback, especially knowing that we will be able to make changes and to develop the work further if we want to. It’s like the feeling I get when Camilla shows me a painting she’s working on saying “I might take all those trees away, and that figure might look completely different when it’s ready”…


See more of the “progress report show” here. The “Dreams” will be in the webshop on Wednesday afternoon, until then Ciao.

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